Monday, August 31, 2009

Heat Wave




There are two temperatures in Buenos Aires: chilly and swealtering. This weekend was the first weekend in months of actual heat and everyone was out enjoying some time in the sun.
I went to Puerto Madero to have a drink and walk around. Along the way I came across this adorable little girl and her stylish mom. Clearly the little girl is not as enthusiastic about this picture as her mom is!

Lastly, here I am donning the whitest of white Albino skin tones. Just in case you were wondering that is a vest I'm wearing and not simply an exceptionally pale section of my torso.
I'm wearing an Erin Brynie skirt and top, a Vicki Ortero vest and Marc Jacobs WonderWoman cuff (thanks Heb!)

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  1. Ya que estás hunteando moda en espacios públicos porteños date una vueltita por Saavedra. Se viene con todo la calza turquesa 3/4 con riñonera a la cintura, remera de Hering y camperita de plush a tono. Y por si refresca unas medias blancas de toalla (guardadas en la riñonera)