Saturday, August 8, 2009

Channeling my inner Sartorialist

Palermo is like Disneyland for fashion lovers. Every time I find myself walking around this neighborhood I am constantly fighting the urge to stop every other person on the street for a photo...more on that later.
The last four pictures were taken within the Lucila Iotti store (located in Palermo). Lucila Iotti makes singularly daring, outrageous shoes that are nothing like anything I've seen before. The second picture from the top is Lucila herself wearing satin leopard print shoes with bright pink heels (yes please).

About stopping people on the street for a photo, I cannot overcome the unbearable awkwardness of approaching strangers so I can photograph their outfits. The situation itself is strange and add my own awkwardness on top of it and you end up with a conversation that goes like this: "Hola! Um Hi, yeah can I please take your picture? Um I have a blog? Is that ok? I really like your outfit oh! ok um great. Wait sorry can I take one more?.." At this point my friends are A) cringing in embarrassment on my behalf or B) slowly walking in a different direction.

I realize that this an inherently uncomfortable situation but I'm going to keep doing it anyway. Any suggestions for making it seem more natural?

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